This week I’m in the midst of hosting my fourth Soul Selfie Challenge meant to spur and spark people to dig a little deeper and do some self-inquiry on what they believe about themselves or their lives or life in general. It’s about inner snapshots, not outer ones. We are looking to engage with each other and show a little of our true self.

What Came From The True Self Prompt on My Soul Selfie Challenge on

One of the hardest jobs hosting an Instagram challenge is to come up with prompt words that will inspire thoughtful responses. And where I have picked more specific words in the past that give clear images to the participants, I was a little more vague this second Fall challenge. But the results have been truly inspirational.

The words we’ve covered so far are Balance, True Self , and Choice. And boy howdy, have we got loads of spark thoughts to load into our brains! I was most intrigued by what I thought on the prompt True Self. That perhaps defining this would be of help. This is what I said,

Hmm. Who do I think I am?

Perhaps my true self is the person I think I am. Or is it the person I strive to be? Or perhaps she’s the gal I am under the layers of crap I’m attempting to strip off? Layers of me that I have no use for.

Underneath, I sense the girl I was when I was little, the forgotten one. Maybe my true self is her with some hard-earned wisdom layered on top.

But in the end, I suspect my true self is exactly who I am at this very moment. A girl with a passion for community, an unfailing sense of fairness, an insatiable search for truth, and a compulsion to create. Ever-changing, in search of answers, … Hi . “

And the same day, as I am reading a book by Rhonda Britten (still) called Change Your Life in 30 Days (or however long it takes to read the book), in a chapter on how the words you choose have such power over how you feel about you and your life, I read this :

Your true self isn’t afraid. Your true self wouldn’t put you down. Your true self doesn’t think money is the answer. Your true self isn’t interested in how much time you do or do not have. Your true self makes choices. Your true self understands. Your true self includes others and wants to connect more than anything. Your true self empowers. Your true self relaxes, enjoys herself, and has fun. Be willing to be your true self.”

I am momentarily struck by the truth in this. I am transfixed by the power of words that ring true. I aspire to be more of that person. And I adore all the truth that is pouring out from an ever-growing community of truth seekers through this challenge. This is what I live for.

If you are on Instagram, search the hashtag #Soul_Selfie and read a few of these posts. People can in fact be real. It doesn’t have to be a world of fake-o happy flat lays. Pretty pictures are marvelous and I want some meaty brain food to chew on while I look at them. Thanks to all the participants and to the newer ones too! Wow and Gosh! Because self-development is what all the cool kids are doing!

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