Welcome to Twenty Twelve everyone. And while we all savor the last excuse to swill booze and guiltily gobble white flour and sugar, we know the fact remains. Nothing much externally changes overnight from one year’s last eve to the morning of another but maybe the temperature.

Yeah, but stuff can change inside your head. If your reality is just your perception of it, chosing to change your reality can be the greatest gift you give yourself. A chance for vast and new possibilities are ripe for your picking. It is always yours to choose. Cross over to the sunny side of the street. Tell the naysayers to suck on it.

So I’ve resolved the following things. Nothing anyone says or thinks about me has anything to do with me unless I want it to. Losing the weight or being wealthy or having fun is only possible if I believe it’s possible for me to do so. I chose to consciously live for the right now and trust it will all get taken care of if I choose to live for the right now. I am going to hug my kid more and love on my husband more.

I am committed to writing for the rest of my life, with or without payment, for the mere fact that I can’t not. I love it. I guess that means I love myself a little too. Or at least what’s inside my head. Oh, and I like to hear myself sing. I’ve found my voice and it’s sweet.

I hope everyone has picked a little something out for themselves this year from their self esteem goodie jars. Your acceptance of that one thing in your life that you’ve been fighting to accept will open up wondrous possibilities. I’m proud to know me, and you, when…

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