There’s no surprise that there’s weird stuff on the internet. And I’m not the sort of person to seek it out at all.

But I stumbled on a couple of fun oddities and beauties when I was wandering around (where else? ) Pinterest.

booby tent

How can you not love the conspicuous and outright pragmatic booby tent.

Then there was the page entirely devoted to head vases.

lady head vase

These are pretty cool when you have plants shooting out of their heads.

Remember the post where I fell in love with the page devoted to paper dresses ?

all newspaper

I also know a certain famous blogger who has a page devoted to roller skating

Then I just really liked this ad for Meyers radish scented soap?

meyers radish scent

Why in the world would anyone…?

And then there was this beautiful photo of succulents which I, as well as zillions of other people, am stricken by now.

birdcage succulent

You have a hard time killing them and they’re plump and pretty. Just like a little baby I know.

plump and pretty

Oh I could go on but I have sufficiently amused myself now.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend Everyone!



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  1. I LOVE pinterest! I never have time to get on, but I can easily see how it’s addictive! Love the Fiona pic, she is so precious! What a little personality she has.

    oh crap and i forgot what I was just going to tell you

    fiona distracted me

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