I caught myself again being frustrated at someone for their fear. When people are afraid, which seems a constant mode these days, they make choices to protect themselves or avoid stuff that makes them feel wiggy. And this really isn’t about you. But it certainly feels like it sometimes…most of the time.

Taking it personally seems to be automatic for us. You didn’t say hi to me when we passed each other on the street so immediately I think that must mean you don’t like me. But you may not want to be seen with that extra 10 pounds you gained or truly think eye contact will make me want to talk to you and you’re in a hurry. Whatever the reason people make choices, it’s not always about us.

This pandemic has people really scared. No matter what, their fear just doesn’t understand reason. Fear keeps us discombobulated, separated, and unreasonable. So this is definitely not a good time to decide on the quality of people’s character. Fear is making us all act like nincompoops.

Instead, we need to dish out a giant dose of compassion…again and again and again. For ourselves, our neighbors, our sisters and brothers, and our friends who aren’t acting quite like themselves. Everyone shows their fear in a different way and you just may be at the wrong place at the wrong time and get hit with a blast of someone’s fear crazies. Allow it not to be about you and see if you can help them to not feel so alone.

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