I am sure we all have had enough of certain aspects of this Pandemic. I decided to list mine. And no, the masks didn’t make it to the list because I understand their necessity.

  1. Our mandatory mistrust of one another in order to be safe is so bothersome to me ie. I trust and someone dies. No one wants to kill their mother after all.
  2. Despite all the information posted everywhere, most people have no understanding of this virus’ mode of transmission (via spittle into the face), contagion period (less than a week before symptoms and three weeks at most after it presents), or what an antibody is (immunity in your body).
  3. But presenting with the antibodies means nothing. Not enough is known as the virus mutates to know if you are immune to one strain but can catch the next one coming through. Ten Things about this Pandemic that Bother Me Most on Shalavee.com
  4. No real school program in place for our public school children.
  5. Capitalism continues to thrive in our high anxiety climate of not enoughness and plague fear.
  6. The richest companies in the country just tripled their profits from the anxiety-fest.
  7. I gained ten pounds.
  8. No vaccine for the pandemic this year or perhaps even next.Ten Things about this Pandemic that Bother Me Most on Shalavee.com
  9. Zoom meetings.
  10. With all this time , I still manage to mismanage my time and feel like I’m getting nothing done.

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  1. I am so busy with work that it is pretty much my life and it is not enjoyable, either. I need more joy in my life, so trying to fit in more things that don’t expose me, because I have at risk family.

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