I can remember being very impatient with the way the seasons would take their time to move on. It seemed like an infinity to wait before Spring would arrive. I feel very differently now at twice the age. I like how long Winter takes because I don’t have as much to be responsible for while it’s cold out.

Torn Between the Garden and the Spring Cleaning : First World Problems on Shalavee.com

But once the sun begins to shine and the windows open up, I’m screwed. Because suddenly there’s Spring cleaning to do since the beautiful new sunlight angles are showing me exactly where I’ve been missing all Winter. And now I have to hustle outside and clean up, seed, plant, and replant everything in the garden everywhere.Torn Between the Garden and the Spring Cleaning : First World Problems on Shalavee.com

I have no plan so I panic. And what if I don’t get the seeds in quickly enough? And now I have all the outside life to be responsible for besides the indoor life. So that every beautiful day, if I’m not going to spend it outside gardening feels like I’m wasting it. Gardening doesn’t start off so well for me emotionally.

Eventually I’ll enjoy it. I’ll be proud of something or another. But in the meantime, I’m thinking of calling in a few favors and hiring some help. Windows and woodwork and bathroom cleaning isn’t my idea of joyful time spent. And I’m a Virgo so don’t even ask me to ignore all this dirt. Just encourage me to rethink how I’m going to get all the work done.

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