As I’m sitting about digesting this week, I’ve had a few thoughts and I thought to share them with you. Like, the fun part about getting older is that you begin to realize what makes you happy and what doesn’t. This corresponds with another realization that you are truly the primary person who you owe happiness to. And if you respect this and follow your heart, you can turn your whole life upside down.

I’ve discovered that hosting and serving others in a party or dinner sense is what I love to do and who I love to be while doing it. Such a sense of peace when I can set a tone and relax into the role of hostess. Thanksgiving this year was wonderful.

Thoughts on Aging and Thankfulness on

I’ve discovered that writing, conversing with, and supporting others is who I am and love myself while I’m doing it. I am hosting an Instagram Challenge currently and am loving it profoundly.

I’ve discovered that saying yes to anti-anxiety meds was one of the best choices outside of picking Mark to be my kids’ father. I enjoy my life so tremendously being their mother and knowing that I will stop the cycle of modeling anxious living.

However, I’ve yet to discover how to maintain bodily neutrality. Post Thanksgiving negative body thoughts want to creep over into the not so nice tone of voice. Instead, I am just going to schedule some exercise into my life and start keeping track of what goes in my face.

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