The holidays are here. I told my husband last night that I feel like a blender without enough liquid. It groans as it tries to blend the contents and becomes bogged down and then it begins to make a high pitch whirring noise as the blades are spin below the contents.

It is the nature of the time of year. This sudden burst of busyness feels a little like September after a hot lazy Summer. You can see it coming but you still feel caught unprepared. Except with the holidays, there’s production value to consider and scheduling snafus lurking.

I’m the sort of person who can not install my Christmas tree until the month at least hits double digits. And this year, I’d dearly like a different decorating theme. Good luck with that Shalagh.

But if Thanksgiving was any indication of how my Christmas will go, it’ll be smooth and lovely. I just need to make double dog sure that I spend intentional time this month taking care of ME. Because even though you are an event planner this month, you are the only one who can sit you down in a coffee shop with a friend for a nice long leisurely catch up. Hurry up and make that date!

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