When the weather finally broke and we received the gift of rain upon our dry barren lands, I was amused to see all the mushrooms that bloomed everywhere. Great white circles on lawns everywhere reminding me of fairy circles and reconstituted life.

This past week, as my son and husband waited for the bus, they discovered a very beautiful bunch of mushrooms. This lovely bouquet of fungus so excited my son that he tried a mushroom in my fettuccine Alfredo and claimed he may like it. And, when I was queried as to my favorite plant, he said his was mushrooms.  I love my weird kid. And when his Dad asked what he thought they were growing on, he replied “Each other”.


  1. Hopping over from Mauishopgirl photo challenge! Love the mushrooms. I have never seen any like that! I usually only see one mushroom at a time.

  2. Whatever gets to each mushrooms, do it, right? haha! Cool bunch of mushrooms. There are certainly weird ones growing everywhere these days! Visiting from Mauishopgirl

  3. Lovely pics! We don’t see that here so this was a real treat. When we have a heavy rain we see this single mushrooms but it’s the type you can’t eat.

    Thank you for joining in! Have a great Aloha Friday and weekend.

  4. The Bumble Files Reply

    Whoa, that is quite the mushroom plant. I think mushrooms are pretty cool. They remind of mystical, fairy lands too. I’ve never seen one quite that big as in the photo.

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