It’s Monday and the “To Do” list is about to take on biblical proportions. There were those items that weren’t quite completed from last week. And many more to-dos were spawned over the weekend. I did manage to mow the lawn (not on the list) and relaxed (mandatory). Why does this beast perplex me so? (Previous prioritizing  preponderances are pondered here.)

Monday always seems to be laundry day which means I will be housebound listening for the infernal beep beep beep of the dryer or washer every half hour to an hour. Of course, this activity hasn’t even made it onto the list. Nor has the recycling that I just loaded into the car.

There is a type of task I think should be called the hangover task. This one keeps getting moved from list to list without ever nearing completion. There are a few recently I can not for the life of me seem to complete. Creating those last few Facebook albums from my summer pictures and making a decision on how to progress with the painted chevron around my son’s room. It’s one of those, “I went ahead and did it and now I’m not so sure that it is the right way to do it and now I’m second guessing myself and I don’t want to have to touch all that tape again but I just might have to and this sucks” kinda things. I hate those.

I seem to be able to carry out the ‘cleaning and waxing the floor’ kind of tasks. And the ‘degrease the kitchen fan blades’ kind of tasks. The hardest jobs are the creative ones. Like, I “have to” design and create new flags for my porch. Well that doesn’t sound like any fun when you put it that way. So I’m wondering what is up with the perfectionistic resistance.

Meanwhile, laundry’s been hauled downstairs by the hubby and then he asked me out to breakfast. The first load will be done washing upon my return. And I contacted a friend to ask for her presence at my house this week to help me decide once and for all what should be done with the “chevron situation”. I made a proactive decision toward moving on, darn it. If it is possible for the two of us to reach an un-perfectionistic decision remains to be seen. I will keep those who care, and even those who don’t, apprised of my progress.

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  1. I, too, have items that keep appearing on my “To Do” list. Damn those lists anyway, but they are so necessary, aren’t they. It feels especially good to cross things off! Maybe you’re having the whole “nesting” thing going on with being pregnant….remember to rest.

    1. No rest for the weary. Ironically, when I researched how-to paint chevrons on Pinterest, there were two seperate pregnant ladies in the pictures. I was amused.

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