After the initial shock of having American life come to a shrieking halt, this Covid-19 pandemic has left us to contemplate our new existences in shock. I have heard and wanted to share a few amusing comments on what this feels like. I hope to hear how Americans think their lives have changed for the better and am especially excited to hear the sociological impact all of this has had on our society.

From the get go, I felt all the parallel feels for The Walking Dead series and all the zombie movies I have seen and come to love. We immediately rewatched 28 Days Later and then Shaun of the Dead. One person said that they felt like it was right out of Stephen King’s The Stand, a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy novel written in 1978. Wikipedia says, “The plot centers on a pandemic of a weaponized strain of influenza that kills almost the entire world population.” Kinda makes me want to read that one.

We are indeed living a parallel life to the ones we used to confidently live out. And alternate Universe in which we are hyper aware of our need for others and are simultaneously more distrustful of our fellow human than ever before. We need no more “Social Distancing” as the silo-lifestyle living ding dongs that we are. We need to be doing everything we can to be helping each other.

It seems that there’s definitely a grieving process that we are going through. There will never be such thing as normal again. But I do believe that we can get on to a place of less fear and perhaps growth. Fellow positive thinker and growth leader Gabrielle Treanor constructed a beautiful chart to demonstrate the three different phases of the Pandemic.

Theories and Summaries on Pandemic Living on
Gabrielle Treanor’s 3 stages of pandemic responses

Again and again healing from this plague nightmare comes down to being present, maintaining all versions of safe, maintaining your sense of humor, and lessening the compulsion to obsess over the media. Make positive things happen as much as possible. And as one guy said, grab the joy as it goes by and cling to it like a oasis in this plague filled desert.

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