First, I had to think up the project. This daily endeavor has to be small. I really wanted to continue the theme of mindfulness within my days and home. Photography was my thought for the medium which ended up becoming polaroids. Pictures which I premix on my phone camera and then send to the printer.

I then researched and purchased a camera/printer. As I tested everything out to make sure my project vision was doable, I inevitably bumped my head on technical problems. Why did the original photo become so dark? Don’t forget to leave room on the edges for the border. How do I get a border around the picture? If you don’t heed the recharge warning, you risk losing the entire photo cartridge when the camera dies mid-print. So, the learning curve was a little steep.

Creativity thrives in small spaces.

The trick is to do more with less.

But what I haven’t told you is that I’ve been scared that the old spark was gone from me. I am headed into the place where mindfulness was my outcome last time, but I wasn’t feeling I could represent. Until yesterday.

The Start of the 100 Day Project 2022 on Shalavee.comI had worried that pictures were a cop out instead of an actual art medium like the pastels and the watercolor pencils I used previously. But I have begun to play more with the photography part. I was having fun with it and realized that this was what I wanted, to have fun. My worries about how the project would feel lacking were melting away. The creative process fixes everything.

Anything to put on the 100 Day docket always ends up growing my talents and abilities. I got wayyyy better with my use of pastels and watercolor pencils. This photography thing is different, yes, but the space is limited. Creativity thrives in small spaces. The trick is to do more with less.

So, I am trying to keep the balance of being as spontaneous as I can be while also capturing moments to think about posting in the future. Either way, I’m happily just arting everyday until Mid-May. Keep your eyes on my spaces for the progress of #100DaysofShalagh .

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