The last week ( and a half) of June, found us doing stuff.


We visited with friends and their dogs.


Took a closer look at critters with shells.


Mugged for the camera in front of an El Camino at Target.


Lounged around.


And picnicked at the park, lunched with my blog group gals,

And attended my sister in-laws baby shower where Cousin Ava got to poke Fiona.

When Emma is born (pregnant sister-in-law not shown), they’ll have their own girl gang.

I had to puzzle out and download a new Google calendar to view on my phone.

And Mark and I lost at least four pounds of fat collectively on the “If it’s white, it’s not right” diet. I’ll share more on these soon.

Eamon had his second and third piano lessons. Wolfy Eamondeus Peachzart,

Mark called him this morning.  And Eamon officially swam under water while blowing bubbles out of his nose.


We also said goodbye to a very sweet kitty who left this mortal coil under mysterious circumstances. Rest happily Indigo.

Here’s to the next month being more fun with less bummers.


    • I always laugh that it looks like we’re having way more fun in the pictures than we may be having in real life. And this week, summer “kicks” in with more fun fun fun with soccer camp. Yay!

    • Well, now he’s dead so happy or not, he is no longer. He was actually the only cat I ever met who loved tummy rubs with no doubts. Full on lovin’ via the tummy. Sweet. Dead. The End.Put his stiff unexplainable dead body into a box and drove to the SPCA where I paid them $25 to take care of “it”. All bad.

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