So many people ask, “Is she a good baby?”
I look at them questioningly. They clarify, ”Does she sleep through the night or cry all the time, that sort of thing.”
And this is what I say.


She is easy-going. Sometimes she has issues but she is always good.
I don’t believe there can be a bad baby.
Just a misunderstood baby. A mismanaged baby.
Because when things (or babies) don’t turn out the way we expect, or we lack patience or confidence, then we call this “bad”.
And we may unwittingly end up creating a confused person who considers themselves bad.


No baby asks to be born. And they certainly have every right to cry if they’re hungry, angry, sleepy, or in pain.
I have to admit, where I thought my first baby was high maintenance, it was probably my high anxiety.
Seeing how the Divine Miss Fi is so mellow, she is everything I hoped she’d be.

I will handle the rest and she’ll always be a Good Baby.


    • Thank you !! Mark said why don’t they say, “Are you a lucky parent of a calm child?” I’d say “YES”.

  1. Oh my, they are both so cute, and I love that baby has a kitten to play with. I don’t have kids but agree completely with your definition of ‘good’ baby. Sounds like Good Baby is lucky to have a mother like you.

    • Cute isn’t even the word Mariana. My heart brims with the gift that is Baby and Kitten. And I believe you are a kitty Mommy and know that their spirits are so fragile when they’re wee. Thank you so much.

      • My kitty is no longer so wee .. but he’s still cute (perhaps not as fragile!) nonetheless 🙂 Am also mum to two 9 year young ‘pups’ and they’re a handful. Nothing compared to a human ‘Good Baby’ of course … or as so so adorable as yours!

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