On May 15th of 2016, I hosted my first Soul Selfie Challenge. As you may already know, I’m all about introspection. And I conceived of the hashtag #Soul_Selfie to house posts that I felt were deeper . And so naturally, next I had to offer up a week-long Instagram challenge to share some deeper thoughts with my community. Except, I was terrified!

I direct messaged a group of four people I trusted and asked them if I should host a challenge and their solid advice was to take the Nike approach and “Just Do It”. Bless their supportive little hearts because I went ahead and hosted that first one and it lifted my spirits so much. Some truly lovely people joined in with me on my challenge and I felt so wonderful and validated.

I would go on to host two more Soul Selfie challenges, later that year in October of 2016 and this past Spring in 2017. And it’s time again to do this challenge thing!

The idea is to take the prompt word and think about a story you can tell that you can be a little more honest about with yourself. To be seen a little more by owning a choice or a way of life that no longer serves you. Or perhaps one that changed your life in a great way. We are all so much more interesting than we first offer and that’s what I love about these challenges.

The Fall Soul Selfie Challenge id Here on Shalavee.com

The other part I love about participating in challenges is all the yummy alliances and acquaintances we get to enjoy. I was on Instagram and didn’t have many friends and I dared myself to do a well-known challenge called April Love. I still have friends from that challenge.

So here we go… The Fall Soul Selfie Challenge of 2017 starts in three days! And I sooooo look forward to seeing what wonderful offerings show up on that hashtag page which now houses 494 posts! But I look more forward to getting to know more about a community that I hold dear and appreciate for supporting me and helping to raise me up in my self-worth. I am forever indebted.

If you have any questions about the challenge, direct message me on Instagram or Facebook or pop a comment in this post at the bottom.For a sampling of what the last Fall Soul Selfie Challenge held, see this post.


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  1. Oh this will be a great one to do. I have not shared most of my inner self because of fear. Let me see if I can be brave and really think about this and dive deep. You are a continuing source of inspiration:)

    1. The difference between fitting in and belonging is your ease at being who you are and having people accept exactly who you are. As for me, I adore connecting with like minded people. I think our hearts know where we need to go and why. We just need to say yes already. Thank you so much Allie!

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