When I’m thinking and writing, it seems everyday in fact, I’m processing what I consider to be a truth and adding to that or changing what I think. My philosophy is always a work in progress and because I live in a slight state of discontent. I have moments of good enough but I am always aware there’s more to know and learn.

The Discontent on Shalavee.com

I don’t accept everything I see and hear. I am always considering not only the validity of what I hear but what it means to me personally. Does that correspond or contradict with what I believe? Is there something that is bugging me to know more about? I collect and sit with a lot of information and am becoming increasingly mindful of any feelings that are generated. Those are also signs to pay attention to, good and bad.

My discontent is not a bad thing but rather a curiosity of what I might find that could be helpful and the acknowledgement that change is necessary and ongoing. My good friend once said, “Life is Organic”which simply sums up the ever-changing and morphing philosophy and lifestyle that I embody. My life is a work in process, in progress. I am in search of what it means to live creatively and what my community is. I hope you are a member of the audience I’ve created that will share and contribute to this process and progress.

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