It's My Blog and I'll Write What I Want to on

Like so many, I question my own motivations on why and what I’m doing. Is it for me or my friends or my family or my readers that I chose the subjects I write about. I do have moments of self-doubt where I wobble with thoughts of will this be interesting to others or is it just for me?

Either you’re doing your living (and your writing) for yourself or you’re trying to people-please. You certainly can entertain others while you are being true to yourself but not the other way around. You can not solely try to make others like you and have that be a fulfilling life.

It's My Blog and I'll Write What I Want to on

Often what I write about is a true reflection of exactly where I am in my life. The subjects I muse are real and current. I am as real as you get and I not only like it that way, I’m going to have a hard time giving that up. So for now, I won’t.

I will always produce my thoughts and reflections on my life in the most honest fashion I can. I will also be adding more quality to my offerings with newsletters and incentives to share this wealth with friends. In my knowing that this has value to me and some, I think those who need the ahas and support here will find their way here.

It's My Blog and I'll Write What I Want to on

There are some shifts coming as I am allowed more alone time to think deeper thoughts, I expect to be able to offer more value to my reader yes, but first to myself and my confidence. The goal of self-confidence is on my top five list. And you get a front row seat to the live action. Well almost.

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  1. Shalagh, you rock. I have been wondering if I want to get back to my own blog. I think it will surprise many people if I begi to write like the plain-spoken ironic Christian acupuncturist that I am.

    1. That works would be wonderful IF… you do it only for you. And if you know that you can’t, don’t. Thank you for your support and and I’d be in the front row of your resurgence Maureen.

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