My favorite daydreams are the ones where I have more money and more time to pursue all the things that make me happy. I hire landscapers to redo my garden and I build a master suite off the back of my house overlooking my waterfront view after I pay $10,000 for the tree removal crew to take down the large dead tree that’s blocking my view. And then put my new desk facing my water view in my newly decorated master suite and get to writing all that stuff I never have the right place or time to write. Because I now have a live-in Nanny too!

The Daydream of More on

Yes, this is exaggerated. I truly didn’t have this dream until I began to write this. Maybe now I do. I often think if only I had more time alone to write and think. But I also know that all too soon I will have that time because my little girl won’t be little forever. I do remember there’s only two more years until school day freedom. Keeping the balance between being here now and seeing the light.

I was floored when I read this Instagram post from the amazingly wise and prophetic Anna Lovind who asks that we take a look at our dreams and expectations, tweak the reality factor, and stop torturing ourselves. Either be OK with where you are or adjust your expectations but stop toturing yourself.

Annalovind – 

The dream of having all the time in the world is just one more way we keep ourselves from getting started. We don’t need all the time in the world; we need just a little right now, enough to get going.
And if you feel that’s not enough, you probably haven’t been able to zoom in on your dream properly.
Maybe you’re still trying to grasp more than you can handle. Or maybe you’re trying to make things happen faster than is possible for you in your current circumstances.

Get real about what your life is like right now. If you have three little ones at home, or if you’re working full-time and commuting two hours daily, that will affect the size and scope of the dream you can go for right now.
That’s not a problem, it’s just what this season in your life is like, and it will change.

In the mean time, don’t compare yourself to others – whose circumstances you know nothing about. Don’t struggle to change things that are not in your power to change. Just zoom in on your dream until it’s a size you can get started on, kids, demanding job and all.

Creativity thrives in limited spaces, and once you get going, you’ll be amazed at how much you can create with what little you’ve got. “

Accept the season in which your life sits. Be kind to not dangle unrealistic goals and expectations in front of yourself yet do everything you can to prepare for the opportunity when it arises. And live on tall drinks of faith and kindness until your life turns just enough to begin to accommodate your next set of goals. It’s not too far away really. Especially when you are seeing what you have right in front of you that you need to hand gratuity over for.

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  1. Good post! Would love to have a nickel for each time someone has looked at something i’ve made and recited a litany of reasons why they can’t. I would collect my nickels and donate them to your dead tree removal fund. Zip! Gone! If my only daily accomplishment is a four patch, eventually it’s a quilt. My overloaded life will sort it’s self out and someday your tree will be a memory.

  2. I used to say to myself when a very time-consuming part of my life ended (Little League Snack Bar for four years comes to mind): Now I’ll have time for…And after 3-4 of these “ah ha!” moments, I learned not to tempt fate because some other massive time drain immediately took the previous one’s place. And I found that I utilized the time “left over” so much better. Once I realized that it would be the time I had.

    1. It’s a set up. You do what you have to in the now, even before you write it down and you feel so much better. I also suspect that I am using the time thing as an excuse to continue to procrastinate on the scary stuff. And the general feeling of notness to prove more of my lame character defectiveness. All self feed BS.
      Love Ya’,

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