My armor is what thoughts and practices and beliefs I use to deal with life’s little battles to keep me safe. My armor also is made of the knowledge of defense moves I use in my daily battles with life’s players and dysfunctional family members. And it comes in very handy to take the risks I need to further myself.


I spend a lot of time questioning that armor though. Thinking about how I will put it on. What the best armor to use when I’m in this or that circumstance? And sometimes I wonder if I need to post a reminder for myself that I have any armor at my disposal at all because I completely forget about it.

The care and maintenance of my armor on


This armor is what protects the Soul Buffer Zone, the place that guards me and my soul from damage so that I can continue to step out and do the things I need to do and say what needs to be said. So the armor needs to be polished and at my ready. Except sometimes, its rusty with chinks in it or it gets forgotten somewhere.


So I return to myself, I reinventory my character, my purpose, my gratitude, and my goals and I mend, or amend, what needs to be. And then I begin again. Because there’s no other choice. I must be in process or I feel like I’m dying. And eventually, I’ll haul my armor out and affix it to my body with faith and go looking for some more of those creative windmills to conquer. If you see me, wish me luck and I hope you’re inspired to do the same.

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