If the sudden second full-time job known as Christmas makes you crazy, I would second that emotion. So much to do, so little time.

There’s the entire decorative overhaul of the house, inside and out.

Also there’s an expectation to perform an all out mass mailing to everyone you know and are related to. The mailed propaganda piece for the “like me, I’m not a loser” campaign needs to be stylish and include a perfect family photo, personal signature, and stamp on each envelope.

According to the Christmas rules, everyone you know and love needs you to then purchase, perfectly package, and deliver to them specially chosen products to ensure their reciprocated acknowledgement of your existence.

The holiday also requires the installation of a live tree sculpture inside your house and then the performance art implementation of 1000 lights and another three hours worth of design elements.

This list has yet to mention the planning and catering of a gourmet holiday dinner as well as all other meals and assorted accompanying appetizers and libations. Oh and the baking of copious cookies.

And then the Santa duties happen. And clean-up, break down, and Thank You’s.

No wonder all she wants for Christmas is a nap. And the reason people dread it. If even half of these tasks don’t absolutely fulfill your purpose in life or tickle your temporary fancy, you’re screwed dude. You’re inept and dread every pepperminty breath you’ll take.

My solution comes with this thought. Just because others expect you “to do”, doesn’t mean you should or have to. The dread could be your acknowledgement that you aren’t doing it for yourself. And you don’t know how to put others’ expectations on a chopping block. I promise they won’t stop loving you if you say no.

I am relieved for my no family hosting decree this year. I’ll letcha know how it goes and what next year’s “let go” will be … we’ll see.

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