Tough times come and go. Had some tough times pass through recently. And every time, I discover that, in order for us to move onward, our thoughts and frustrations need to be released from our brains. If they stay trapped so do we. We need to talk about it.

Sometimes we need to hear ourselves speak our truths. We need to give validity to our humanity either with our vocal chords or writing minds. I write in my journal, releasing the mental pressure and giving myself permission to take a step towards resolving my issues.

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Sometimes we really need to know that we’re not alone. When we give our thoughts to others, we hear them say they have the same problems. Validation. To give stuff to a third-party neutral such as a counselor is also extremely helpful. At our house, we call them “talking doctors” and because they have no personal stake in your life, they are an extremely reliable source of perspective. If you disallow yourself to feel, you will go somewhere else. Like to the freezer for more ice cream. Or the liquor store for a fifth of Jack.Stuffed feelings never helped anyone ever.

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Whoever gave us all the idea that we should be ashamed of our feelings and never speak of them, they suck. Because there is such a raw nobility in the humanity of fear and idealism and needing to connect with others. And there is absolutely nothing to be afraid in telling it like it is to anyone who will truly listen. Especially yourself.


  1. Yes. My problem is that airing and sharing can honestly come across as bitching cos there really is only one thorn in my side at the moment..and to air and share would be construed as bitching. I guess you need to know who -like the head doctor or talking doctor- is safe to talk with. X

    • I believe you are entitled to your bitching Andrea. And finding the right person to give it to allows us to be free of it. The festering snark creates abscesses in our souls. Why not involve a person who has a job to do and think of giving your bad stuff to them as your job? Huh? How about that for reframing. Thank you for your words here.

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