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  • Asking for Help without Shame

    Asking for Help without Shame

  • I’m Not Allowed to Want Anything

    I’m Not Allowed to Want Anything

    Like many of you, I grew up knowing there wasn’t enough. Not enough time, not enough attention, and not enough money. Part of this may be due to the ghost of the Depression which seems to linger in American families still. But people just seem to be convinced that the Universe is against them and […]

  • Parenting On the Edge of the Middle

    Parenting On the Edge of the Middle

    My fellow Mom and I were standing there watching our children do laps at the Christmas train show. And I mused how it was hard to find that middle ground in between that place where everything your child does is all about you and that place where you’re completely disengaged. But to choose to stand […]

  • Worthiness Casserole

    Worthiness Casserole

    You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. You can only hope that by the time your “looks” start to fade and your skin starts to droop with the inevitable taxation of age, that you understand that your worthiness for being loved, for valuing yourself, is based on the merits of your […]

  • The Surprise Party

    The Surprise Party

    My husband mentions it often. How after he threw me that surprise party, I said I would never forgive him and I’ll never be able to trust hum again. He teases me because it does seem silly. But if you saw me that day break down in overwhelmed tears, you might understand. When I rounded […]