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  • “PEERspective”


    High self-esteem has never been a given for me. Even having mediocre self-esteem was not guarenteed. How about you? The untold story Is that many people are faking their confidence. You can just sense some people’s desperation and neediness more than others. Lifting my self-esteem has been a lifelong struggle for me. Initially, when we […]

  • Asking for Help without Shame

    Asking for Help without Shame

  • Community is a Necessary Evil

    Community is a Necessary Evil

    I’ve just come away from organizing a successful fundraiser for my church community. Everyone showed up for the fundraiser bringing food and auction items and they enjoyed laughing and dancing within that community of people. This is the sort of experience that strengthens our individual selves as well as the community. Makes us feel wanted, […]

  • Create the Life You Want to See and Be

    Create the Life You Want to See and Be

    I am near that place when I am writing from my heart. And I’m even closer when I am in a creative community engaged in creativity and supporting one another. Each of us has felt the tickle and the tug of this special place for ourselves. And yet, as we trust our logic and fear […]

  • Does “Self-respecting” Describe the Parent and Self-parent You Are?

    Does “Self-respecting” Describe the Parent and Self-parent You Are?

    My daughter is just starting elementary school now in Pre-K. I am again besieged by notifications and permission slips galore just like back when Eamon was in Kindergarten and there was “homework”. See my recent repost of my piece Kindergarten Homework here. All sorts of good intentions being bantered back and forth between educator and […]

  • Universal Message

    Universal Message

    The universe gave me a message this week that I mattered. Not intimidating like God speaking to me, but just a general nudge from my more intimate universe that I am rocking my life in good ways. We matter. You’ve heard this and blown this off a million times. But those who grab it and […]

  • I Don’t Ask

    I Don’t Ask

    The fact that I don’t ask keeps coming up. I usually don’t ask for help, advice, support, or to get my needs met. And there are varying flavors of reasons for this lack of asking, especially on the blog keeping front, which still don’t substantiate the lack of asking. I’m afraid that by asking for […]

  • A Letter To a Friend

    A Letter To a Friend

    I am extraordinarily lucky to have made connections with so many talented passionate smart women online. And the camaraderie and supportiveness sorta blows your mind. Until you step into it and become as much of a part of it as it is becoming a part of you. Remember my Tend and Befriend post? We do […]

  • Getting Out Of My Head & On With My Life

    Getting Out Of My Head & On With My Life

    For a long time, I’ve been waiting to say it. To state what it is I need to say. Knowing that once it’s said, I can move on. And I’ve avoided even daring to think about what it is I need to say. Avoiding taking the time to sit down and let it tumble out […]

  • My 2012 Gratitudinal Post

    My 2012 Gratitudinal Post

    As of a year and a half ago, I still couldn’t see why I should join Facebook or communicate with people I hadn’t seen in a long while. I was living in a lonely dull shell that I was used to.   I thought, “What could I say that they’d want to hear?  So long and […]