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  • And We Say Adieu To Our Beloved Butthead

    And We Say Adieu To Our Beloved Butthead

    If you know us, you know Butthead. He’s the cat who went missing for a week in Easton.My son’s brother cat. In a sad and really sudden turn of events, our beloved Butthead has departed from our company. As in, he had something heinous cancery wrong with him and his lungs began to fill with […]

  • Buddy Buddy Butthead Revisited

    Buddy Buddy Butthead Revisited

    As today marks the year anniversary of the return, after a weeks abrupt absence, of our cat Butthead, I felt the urge to share the story once more for those who missed reading it the first time. It’s a good one. Enjoy. At 9am on a mid-October Saturday, my husband had called me at our […]