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  • Making Fresh Pasta for the Fresh Tomato Sauce

    Making Fresh Pasta for the Fresh Tomato Sauce

    Usually in August every year, when the tomatoes begin to stack up, I suddenly need to make tomato sauce. I roasted the cherry and grape tomatoes and added them into the sauce for a twist. It was so sweet I had to add a little rice wine vinegar to bring back some acidity. And since […]

  • May Making

    May Making

    Officially, I have documented my daily making for six months. You may not remember that I committed to a year of making in the beginning of this year, 2015. And now I’m kinda liking it because it keeps tabs on creative me and acknowledges my efforts and our family life too. May making was happening […]

  • Oh I’m A Maker Alright

    Oh I’m A Maker Alright

    I’m nine days into my self-proclaimed year of making and I’ve discovered that I don’t give myself enough credit. I am a constant maker. And not in the ways that you’d traditionally think of.   My devotion to everyday making seems to need me to provide pictorial proof of daily making. I’m already an habitual […]