Officially, I have documented my daily making for six months. You may not remember that I committed to a year of making in the beginning of this year, 2015. And now I’m kinda liking it because it keeps tabs on creative me and acknowledges my efforts and our family life too.

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May making was happening when I joined a few photo and art challenges in May. And then we finally got to hang out with

our new neighbors Steve and Rob and see them open their B & B, Turnbridge Point.

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We spent time together as a family, snuggled and giggled, had friends visit and help me in my garden,

and Eamon celebrated his 10th birthday with a sleepover.

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May found me arting another chair like the one I did last year for the Talbot Humane Society. I had more girl fun with a thrifting lunching trip to Rehoboth with a dear friend, a visit to the Walter’s Art Gallery in Baltimore to meet a new friend , and a Mother’s Day breakfast/playground/thrifting trip to Bridgeville, Delaware.

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And let’s not forget the cooking and eating! There were roasted beets to ponder and photograph and eat. There was Aunt Emma’s chocolate cake to make for Eamon’s birthday. Smoked salmon and cream cheese with tomatoes, red onions, and capers as a treat instead of the same old waffles and pancakes my kids don’t appreciate. And Eamon made his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch a time or two.

Sometimes I’m not the waitress.

We really enjoyed the last weekend of May with a visit from family and friends on Memorial Day and then a family party the following weekend with three special toddler girls all with the last name of Peach. May was thoroughly enjoyed and we set our sights on a June full of making and fun.

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  1. Your May is absolutely gorgeous and it sounds like it was all very productive and fun. You spent time with friends and your son made a sandwich. Wow, what a successful month. You go, Shalagh!

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