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  • Do You Belong to the Cult of Zen Okayness?

    Do You Belong to the Cult of Zen Okayness?

    I had heard rumors about the Cult of Perfect on the internet. And although I have stayed away from much of the perfecty picture world, there is definitely a cult of Okayness that exists. Women posting about how zen their lives, clutching their cupfuls of okayness while they practice mindfulness and home school their children. […]

  • The Cult of Perfect Trap

    The Cult of Perfect Trap

    Everything would be perfect if everyone would just like you the way you want them to like you, right? You build an image, a mirage of perfection to make that happen. Your copious perfect pictures of you and your family make you look like the quintessential Happy American family. And that’s when I get suspicious. […]

  • How I Make Your Triumphs into My Losses

    How I Make Your Triumphs into My Losses

    I feel bad about the way I’ve treated you. You are such a good friend but I have a guilty secret. Sometimes I put you up on a pedestal and then use your accomplishments to feel bad about myself. I want to celebrate with you and feel like your equal, but I just end up […]

  • Janu-Wary


    I was feeling the bliss, the rolling high on the “Ok-ness” from the holiday downtime until yesterday when suddenly I felt myself starting to knock all the happy little hope bubbles off the 2016 shelf where I’d so carefully placed them. Exactly 2 weeks in and suddenly there’s nothing new anymore about the year?! I’ve […]

  • I Am Not Better Than You

    I Am Not Better Than You

    I’m begging you, don’t think better of me. I am not what you’ve dreamed me up to be. I am still a student and I have so much to learn. I do that same thing you know. I watch other people online, especially the bloggers putting out clever easy beautiful content, eBooks, posts that seem […]

  • Getting Out Of My Way Again

    Getting Out Of My Way Again

    My life’s forest has always been invisible but for my own trees. I’ve always known I can’t see me but now I believe I’ve blocked my view. I need to get the heck out of my way. Maybe you knew this about me and I thank you for keeping it on the down low until […]