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  • I Was Not Feeling Myself

    I Was Not Feeling Myself

    I used to pretend like everything was OK. I didn’t know what OK felt like so pretending was the only thing I could do. And gradually I came to understand love and myself and got medicated and things got better. But there’s always the inevitable stumble. This month I thought I’d try a different anti-depressant […]

  • Self-Care, the Next Phase

    Self-Care, the Next Phase

    Self-care is a multi-layered endeavor. Brushing your teeth, taking pills, and exercising are all basic bodily care practices that when we are new mothers, seem to be more than we can manage. But eventually we get those done too. I have taken the past twenty years to really delve into taking care of my mental […]

  • I’m Breaking Up With Parts of Me

    I’m Breaking Up With Parts of Me

    I tossed a look up at the top shelf of the closet where the skinny butt pants get parked. Those are the ones that don’t quite fit yet; perhaps may never fit again.  And I caught sight of the several pairs of truly nice high heels I own. And it struck me: I’m never going […]

  • We Are The Contributors Project #3 : Alterego

    We Are The Contributors Project #3 : Alterego

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was invited to take part and create art for the We Are the Contributor’s 3rd project hosted by  creators Sandra Harris and Melanie Biehle. These creative dyna-mamas conceived of and organized an online visual project where they invite artists to produce art in varying mediums based on […]

  • One Outfit

    One Outfit

    I used to go into a slight panic when I had to dress up to go out. An event to impress requires a dress. Or “slacks” that flatter and don’t make me look fatter. I’d pull something together eventually and think, “This is the only decent outfit I own.” I have two closets with clothing […]