Certain elements feel like Summer. Are almost necessary for Summer to achieve Summer-ness.

Fiona and that face in the hello kitty pool on Shalavee.comon


There’s bubbles, fireflies, sparklers, s’mores, and “swimming”, which just means being in “woger” to Fiona.

ripening tomatoes on Shalavee.com

On the Shore here, Summertime means local food. Crabs, corn, tomatoes, and cantaloupe.

Maryland Blue Crabs on Shalavee.com

And all activities related to obtaining these yummy ingredients.

crabbing on the Eastern Shore on Shalavee.com


We went dip net crabbing once and had a blast.

A day at the blustery beach on Shalavee.com

Visiting the beach can be a challenge with the onslaught of traffic but well worth the effort for a Wednesday outing.

Adam's Market on Shalavee.com

Stopping back by the Adams market on the Delaware line for produce.

shucked corn on Shalavee.com
crabcake and corn salad on Shalavee.com

And then fondling, shucking, and cooking your treasures. Crab cakes, corn salad, and pita chips.

obligatory sunburn on shalavee-staging-1.local

And as always, there’s the obligatory sunburn at soccer camp.

Yup, chaos and boredom aside, I think we’re hitting some sweet Summer notes, grabbing great pictures, and actually having fun.

One month left. I think I may need a vacation from this vacation however.

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  1. I love summer so much and I feel sad when we come towards the end of it. I know we still have a while, but I love it most when it is April, and we know we might start getting some warm days, and there is the promise of the whole summer ahead of us. But now the stores are discounting their summer stuff, and we know autumn is around the corner. Still, there’s another month or so to go, so I must enjoy it rather than lamenting!

    Great pictures here Shalagh, capturing the joys of the season!

    By the way, for some reason I always think you’re Australian and live in Australia, after all the time I’ve known you! Then every now and again I see something about where you are, and remember, but then later I again think you’re in Australia, weird! I think it’s because your name sounds Australian and because I thought that when I first came across you, it’s stuck!

    1. Vanessa-Jane So funny that. I have an Australian gal that I adore and her name is Marg Hogan. Her blog, Destination Here and Now is wonderful! And I’m sure I grabbed and held her because there was kindredness and a last name in common. My husband says he has a hard time with vacations. Takes him days to settle in, a day to enjoy, and then he’s back to anticipating the end. If only we could just enjoy the present you know? Thank you for your compliments. Looking forward to another mountain post Ma Cherie.

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