Summer simmers along slowly. My daughter’s mood is much improved since our trip to RI. This sweet little thank you note she gave me while we were there says it all.

Summer Simmers Along Slowly on
Summer Simmers Along Slowly on

She and her new little cat Sassy get each other wound up and scream and run through the house. The purple stitches will be removed tomorrow from her eye removal two weeks ago.

We have a kinda rhythm going. Sleep and eat and do as we need to. I’ve been planning meals to make it easier on me with Eamon making one per week.

Summer Simmers Along Slowly on

Eamon has had his band over to practice weekly. Our families have agreed to do this. The unnamed band is working on mostly originals which is thrilling. And they get to play video games and board games together and eat pizza. We are still working hard on renovating the studio/garage space.

Summer Simmers Along Slowly on

It has gotten so hot and humid outside that yard-work is prohibitive. But I heard the crickets whisper that the cooler weather is coming. Because I hate Summer. Unless you live with water in your backyard. A pool, lake, or an ocean makes Summer completely lovely. Otherwise, here it’s all grossness all the time with the high humidity.

Work has begun to pick up for my husband which is the answer to our prayers at the end of our governmental Covid-19 assistance. Schools have promised not to open up immediately this Fall. I feel a little twitch with knowing I don’t have the relief of my house back this Fall. Since homeschooling is the very thing I swore I’d never do, it’s fate telling me never say never. Reminding me that it’s up to me to set boundaries and priorities around my creativity.

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