I said the wrong thing. I made the wrong choice. My fallible humanity spilled out onto someone and now I’m in the wrong. I messed up, I made a bad choice. And that makes me a nice person who makes mistakes. Nothing more.

I’m a kind person who chooses unwisely sometimes. Those bad decisions should not go down on my permanent record and reflect my character as a bad person from hereon out. It does not serve anyone for me to hold onto and berate myself for my unwisely chosen words.

If you choose to befriend, employ, or even marry the wrong person, there is no contract that says you now have to suffer with that person forever. You are not responsible for their feelings, you are only responsible for yours. β€œI am sorry you feel that way but I need to do this for me” is an irrefutable phrase.

I forgive myself for my fallibility, the bad choices that I have made and will make. Because without these bad choices, I will not be able to learn and to move onward. I can only know they are coming and apologize to myself or to when they happen. A toast to the messy grueling business of being human. It’s all this nice person can do.

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