Fiona and I often take strolls about town.

We go for the air, to drop off a library movie that will be late in ten minutes, or go for our weekend box o’ Wine.

When I intentionally take my camera, I often feel like I’m on a picture-taking safari.

Here’s my pictures of our little town of Denton, Maryland on a recent stroll.

The library movie drop off stroll looking for an Instagram challenge picture for the prompt morning.

parking curbs from
Private Parking Only from
downtown Denton from
The Goldborough House from
First and Market Streets in #Denton.MD from
Harry's carrieage house parking curbs from
Harry's horse from shalavee-staging-1.local
Joviality barn in shadow
St. Luke's graveyard in #Denton,MD from
old lady's garden in #Denton,MD from
Fiona and the Ford Fairlane from

Our town has a summer festival called Caroline Summerfest every August and it’s this weekend.

The theme this year is Cruisin’ Back to the 50’s and there was a promotional shoot going on in front of the courthouse.

Puts me in mind to watch Back to the Future with the boy. Fave.

cruisin cars courthouse on Shalavee

  The festival happens right on the courthouse green in our front yard so it’s all very exciting with bands we can hear even with our windows closed and fireworks we can see from our porch. Dinner will always include a funnel cake. And it’s all Non-profit beneficial.

Weather promises to be lovely. So grateful today.

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