We just wrapped up my third Soul Selfie Challenge hosted by me on Instagram. The first time I hosted this was in May of 2016, the second in October of 2017, and then this one was from the 1st to the 7th of December of 2020. I can say I am thrilled and fulfilled as a result of this challenge every time. There were 197 posts and maybe 20 people together for a week acting as a community.

The intention behind the challenge was to spend a week exploring prompts in a deeper fashion than we usually do online. And I am always so pleased to have people meet me there with their most authentic selves ready to communicate and exchange ideas. We converse on topics that are deep and true. I live for these conversations. The satisfaction for me is quick and powerful.

We had a few new faces and many from my prior challenges who honored the opportunity to show up and be present for themselves for a week. And I think we had some serious aha moments and shifts among us. Facilitating healing is a gift we can give to ourselves as well as to the world. When we show up authentically and take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, there’s no telling what can happen.

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  1. Angi Plant Reply

    Shalagh it was wonderful to be part of it and I would have liked to go on longer! Thank you.

    • It was wonderful having you! And you’ll be invited to everything I do in the future. How about that? We’re due up for a creative challenge soon too.

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