uufe tree left side from Shalavee.com

If it’s perfect, you can’t improve it. And so I didn’t change one thing from my decorations last year to this year for the 15 foot tree at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Easton. My post from last year is here.

The theme again for this Christmas tree was definitely global awareness and I also created all the ornaments from found supplies at my house. I’m a huge fan of decorating with paper. You can get big scale for little money.

Brown papre stars on the tree from Shalavee.com

So again, I brought out the brown stars made from coffee filters and cat litter bags that were my inspiration project last year.

paper doll garlands from Shalavee.com

And the paper doll chains were a copy of ones my sister made for me for my wedding shower made from a roll of plastic-like paper that doesn’t rip.

globe topper and atlas nests on Shalavee.com

The mini globes were created from big silver plastic balls I got bulk and on sale one year and hot glued ripped road atlas pages onto them. And the nests are globs of shredded road atlas pages wired to branches. I’m in love with the texture they provide. And of course I stole the old globe from my son’s room for the topper. The red netting them pops the elements and completes the tree because I’m a firm believer in red on a tree. All the members of the congregation are so happy and if feels like a perfect reflection of the consciousness and interconnection of the foundation of this community.


    • Thanks Ms. Jennifer. I think so too. Would you believe my mini tree at home has yet to have me decorate it!
      Guess I should get to it.

  1. All the elements are so creative – and cool – and together they make a beautiful, festive tree! I love your road map globes!

    • My palette was plebeian and yet I was inspired and that is creativity at its finest. Thank you so much Dawn for your support and enthusiasm. It means so much more than I can express.
      Love and Happy Holidays!

  2. I’m truly amazed!!!! That Christmas tree is so beautiful and it’s so creative to use recycling decoration! I’ll do it next year ( we already have a Christmas tree).

    • Thanks Rachel. All inspiration is free for the taking. I’m glad you were inspired.

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