This year’s Thanksgiving was a destination holiday for us. We returned to our favorite Holiday Inn at the Boardwalk and 17th Street in Ocean City, Maryland. The last time I was pregnant, we were here and so, this being a last opportunity to spend a holiday away before baby two comes found us in our suite on Thursday.

We did bunches of stuff and I’ll be posting my many art shots and family cheesiness soon. But, as you may have surmised by the title, this post is about supporting your local shop owner. As I was once a local shop owner before the anti-recession Recession happened not so long ago, I am all about this concept. Last year I intentionally shopped Easton, Maryland, a neighboring town, for many wonderful gifts.

I already knew I was headed towards Bella Luna as we drove homeward and Northward up through Rehoboth, Delaware on Saturday. And then I read it was officially Small Business Saturday. Fortunately, I had wandered into this adorable shop this past summer and now Bella Luna will be a destination shop for gifts ever after. My funky sisters, just you wait.

Bella Luna’s cramped and happy interior

There is an inordinate amount of cute stuff crammed into this tiny shop on the North side of the extra hip downtown shopping strip of Rehoboth, Delaware. Last time I was there I oggled the jewelry and bought an extremely dear quirky journal for my girlfriend in Atlanta. Plus a card for another. This time, the middle tables were piled high with beautiful scarves which the shop elves kept patiently refolding after the fondlers had made their way through.

I started at the front and focused on one display at a time. And I was taken by a Christmas ornament trend of paper and sparkles that were neither silver nor gold.

Buddhas, what-nots, and the first Christmas ornament to catch my eye
Bella Luna’s Christmas ornament line

I’ve been pinning some similar paper trinkets and textures and looking at these made me happy. And inspired.

Deer heads and the coveted wreath

There was an accompaniment wreath that I kinda coveted there. Same basic feeling with the old book pages as leaves. But they were washed with a creamy coat of opaque paint and the glitter was there mixed with just plain leaves. Ooh I wanted to fondle. It was an $80 wreath at 20% off and well priced. But I’d just come in to buy my girls presents. And you know I dreamed about these ornaments that evening.

Off centered framed words and birds

Plenty of wall art and decorative what-nots to choose from intermixed with antiquey type knick knacks. Just like my shop, sigh. Although they do it better. Yes, they do.

Shell framed mirror

And just when you’d forgotten you were anywhere near a beach, a little something would jump out at your eyeballs to remind you. Or in this case, something big. This shell mirror was stunning and I didn’t dare look to see how much.

I took my time and selected some thoughtful and fun and pretty gifts which I hope everyone will like. A very hard choice to make. And I picked up a copy of Holly Becker’s Decorate Workshop book as I just have finished her blogging bootcamp workshop. Bella Luna shares some of her aesthetics for sure.

Window crown

And as I waited for my husband and son to come retrieve me, I enjoyed the window display and was taken aback by this crown suspended over the mantel piece. Like a Scandinavian Fairy Princess crown hovering on high,  this little shop is also a crown jewel in the downtown shopping district of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Look for the Bookstore on the North side and the little yellow awning is a couple of shops East.

Visit their blog here and their Facebook page with nice fat pictures here.

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  1. Wow, what a cool shop! I would love to go there. The Christmas decorations are nice. It definitely gets you in the mood to decorate. It’s all very tasteful and elegant.

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