As promised, I brought the crafty. Wanted to give my friend’s sister something to celebrate her newborn. I love the keepsake box idea. Joanne’s had photo-boxes on sale. So I grabbed two, as I decided to make another for a pregnant woman at church. Grabbed ribbons and coordinating fabric and some batting.

Supplies included scissors, exacto knife, roller knife, ruler, spray glue, hot glue, iron, and the cardboard backing off a used up paper tablet. And the screwdriver to pry off the metal box label thinger.

 The trick was to figure out the design and then in what order to assemble it so you hide edges. The cardboard got wrapped and inserted it inside the top and bottom. I padded the inside bottom and the top of the box.

The ribbons tie in the front but if you turn it around, those bows act as hinges to get in and out quickly.


And so you have it, two very different yet unique memento boxes to save all that stuff you didn’t  know what to do with but you knew it was too important to throw out. Like the cape he wore in the parade. And the cards from the baby shower. That’s what I have in my box at least. And sadly. mine isn’t as kickin;’ as these two.

Happy Crafting and to all a good time.

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