I was so nervous when I created that fist blog post and sent it out. I had lamented over the WordPress theme. But I really needed the excuse to show up to write regularly and so my blog at Shalavee.com was born in August of 2011. I think. My daughter Fiona was born less than two years later, and she became Shalavee’s younger sister.

My blog has always felt a bit like the home of my own wiser self. And in the aftermath of the birth of that second actual child (Fiona has an older brother named Eamon), I spewed forth with a force of creative happiness that was unstoppable. Thanks to the blog, I reached out to the world of social media and met an online community I had no idea I needed.

Until my fervor faded. And then I quietly showed up and posted mostly once a week for the time following. As if to prove that I wasn’t that good of a writer if no one ever came to read.

Shalavee hits Lucky 13 @shalavee.com

The history of my life creating this blog has had many chapters. Some are the loveliest memories I hold dear with a community of friends made. Some are hurtful and traumatic. They are the stories of me being me where I was. And they continue be mine to write and tell a little more cleverly from now on.

Now, I am pleased to announce that I am back to the creative desk of Shalavee.com. I’ve attempted many times to return here and I’ve gotten in my own way many times as well. But there’s no stopping Hope and Self-Love. Yummy condiments of life.

I told myself, “You are always worth supporting.” And I think great things to happen in “taking yourself seriously”. Stay Tuned!

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