I told my son last Saturday that I’d seen Santa’s mailbox up on the counter at the post office. The time had come to write the all important letter to Santa. He and I had done some recon a while back at the Target for toys to covet. And the list had hung on the fridge for weeks. But his reinterpretation of the list as a letter to Santa…well, see for yourself.

We just dropped off that bad boy at the post office today. I am publishing this because this sort of joy should be spread. Until he’s old enough to tell me to knock it off.

Eamon’s letter to Santa 2012

I particularly like the part where he tells Santa to get back to making dolls.And the thumbnails. I told him to number them.  Santa’s in for a treat. I cherish these painfully cute moments. We’ll see where we are a year from now.


Eamon’s Mom

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  1. I can’t wait until Elijah is old enough to do this. When I first started reading the blog, I expected a two page letter. He really doesn’t ask for much, does he? Can’t wait til next year!!!

    1. The greed and present over-compensation is ours not theirs right? After last year’s absence of a DS (video game thinger)I did explain that Santa does not bring anything that the parents wouldn’t be happy with. So it’s a Leapster DS this year. A learning tool, Ha!
      Thanks Suzanna.

  2. I love the corresponding thumbnails, but the holiday themed calligraphy (there’s probably a name for that but I’d rather use this wordy side-thought than look it up) is the best thing about it to me. Mad skills – represent.

    1. Fascinating to watch and see what they’re good at. I have a suspicion he has map maker skills in him. Tiny drawings and swirly writing. Are you saying this is familiar to you?

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