Searching for that indisputable unshakeable truth that l am the shit verses I am shit.

I have been paying attention to the very wrongest things.

So easy to stay in the judgment pit and ruminate on the wrongs in my life, my house, and my body especially.

Caught up in what’s wrong with me, there’s no way to move on. And then I keep making the same choices based on the hiccup of knowing I am worthless.

But to see the infinite possibilities and opportunities and to feel worthy of those, that’s living. The kind of living that for some of us takes a miraculous faith to move towards, forwards especially for those who have never been shown this option, never considered our worthiness for a hopeful way of life .

If it were a given I would end up successful, what would I do differently? Maybe I’d just do what made me happy because I’d already know it was going to be successful.


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