Their So Little on

Remember, they’re still so little. When they’re big people, they won’t be little anymore. They say “The days can be long but the years are short”. I have to imagine them grown already to appreciate them more here while they sass me and argue with me.

Their So Little on

They are clever and funny, manipulative and innocent. I hold space for all these qualities in them that they find what’s right for them. I try to be a wise and patient parent. And then I snap, apologize for my humanity and move on.

Their So Little on

They are of me but not mine. I can’t control, only guide. They can only emulate what they see. And so I have fought for their vision to be full of self-respect and self-care. Of valuing myself that they will one day value themselves. And allowing and valuing for the differences in people who the world has to offer them to learn from.

Their So Little on

My children are my greatest teachers. And for them, I will be courageous. I will be mindful and honest. I will continue to look into my soul, healing and showing them that humanity is messy and lovely and wonderful.

This is what I hope they know of me when I am gone and they want to know who I was. I think they already do though.

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