I had a dream once where I heard myself say,”You are your purpose, you are your reason why.” I woke up and knew it was prophetic. But I didn’t yet believe it.

But then yesterday, I had a similar profound thought. What if my purpose on this earth is just to be me and that gave others permission to be themselves? What if living and thriving actually looked like doing all those things I love to do. Connecting and communication with people and talking about self-development, creativity, and authenticity.

I always assumed that a life’s work meant that you have to do things you despise for people you tolerate. But what if my value is for who I am, my who-ness, and not for my accomplishments per se. I read a quote recently that said to be aware and question if not reject the Meritocracy where we are always measured by our achievements. No wonder we strive endlessly and burn out. We are human doings dying to earn our human being badge.

My value is based on who I am. Pretty radical thinking I’d say. And as long as I stay the truest to that and keep myself inside my protective bubble I’ve termed my soul buffer zone, I am living the best life I can for me. Not for others and their expectations of who they think I should be. But mine.

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