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With all the photo challenges on Instagram, I have a tough time keeping track of where they’ve all been shared and seen. Not so Virgo-y of me but whatever. So I thought, before I forgot, I should share some of my favorites from this past month. I had a family themed/inspired challenge back to back with a fall colors one which ended today. I bet you can guess which is which.

Wild horse at Assateague Island, MD on Shalvee.com
Eastern Gray squirrel on Shalavee.com
Virginia creeper on a monument in the graveyard on photo challenges on Shalavee.com
shots day on Shalavee.com
bedtime giggles on Shalavee.com
Selfie on Shalavee.com
Fiona in the rusty radio flyer on Shalavee.com
tickles on shalavee.com
under the table on shalavee.com
She's ready for her close up on shalavee.com
Halloween blue on shalavee.com

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