This afternoon, my ever questioning son inquired as to the meaning of ‘pet peeve’. Not quite getting it, he asked if our pets have pet peeves. If Butthead could talk, he might say an empty food bowl annoys him but otherwise he’s pretty easygoing.

Somewhere, a remnant remains from my previous life; a very sarcastic list of things I “hated”.  I’d say I’ve grown up beyond this list which may have included prior disgust for yappy dogs and pierced eyebrows.  However, I must admit I still have a few items that lurk on a personal pet peeve list.

Here are some pet peeve words that make my skin crawl. Off the top of my head, these include:

  1. hiney – the back end of a child possibly in need of spanking or wiping.
  2. kiddos – another word for children reducing them to objects or baby goats.
  3. nom nom – possibly a derivation of ‘num num’ but infinitely more annoying.
  4. inappropriate – those who utter this judgmental adjective are probably afraid of the pictures of them with the adult goats getting out. Because there a bit too much of the protest there to not suspect something.

The peeve I’m anxiously awaiting the re-occurrence of ( NOT) is people lunging at my belly with open eager touchy hands when they see I’m pregnant. I’m thinking of carrying caution tape in my pocket to ward off the lungers. And I’m not even including those things that my family do that drive me nuts. Those are just called buttons.

Surely I have more general twitchy triggers that I can’t think of now. But I feel better already for purging these here. Love to hear all about yours please.

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  1. So glad it’s not just me that loathes “nom nom.” Everydangone seems to be using it and it’s, as you say, infinitely irritating. Almost as much as “dude.”

  2. Shalagh,

    Before you I read your comments about “lunging hands” I somehow knew that would be a peeve for you. I get it!

    A BIG pet peeve is people who think by virtue of their innate intelligence and/or education that if you don’t agree with them, you must be
    the stupidest innane person there could be.

    Maybe I am but “they” don’t have to make me feel
    that way.


    1. Arrogant people irk me too. So do hard boiled eggs in potato salad. That’s so fifty years ago and just plain gross. I guess I’m a potato purist. Uh, oh. I hope you don’t put eggs in your potato salad Ann. We are all guilty.

  3. joshua loves the word “innappropriate”!!! He’s forever throwing it in my face. “That pillow is really inappropriate mom”, “Alex, that is NOT appropriate” and so on. god.

  4. Oops, I totally use “kiddos” – only recently. Sorry about that! My personal pet peeve though is when I hear AMAZING women say, “I’m Such a Bad Friend // Mom // Wife etc.” I keep hearing this from seriously extraordinary people, and I just don’t get it. If you want to be self-deprecating – it’s an endearing quality for sure. But I want to hit people over the head with a blunt object when they insist on saying how “bad” they are. Feel GOOD about yourself, for the love of God! If you don’t, who else is going to?

    1. Amanda! I just sent you an email with the link to Inside Amy Schumer:Uncensored – Compliments. Self deprecation to the extreme and hysterical. I don’t want to have to agree and support others’ low self-esteem, I agree. Thanks for being here. Congratulations on your Buzzy Boutiquey thing.

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