This past weekend was the Big Bash for the One Year-Old Fiona Marie.

Chandelier feathers and painting from Party Playtime on

As usual, a party is always a good excuse for playtime. I perused the place of pins and knew I needed a paper feathers garland . 

Purple and red paper feathers from Party Playtime on

I used a copper sharpie and some other metallic paint pens coupled with old music, handmade purple paper with gold thread, and construction paper from my childhood. The colors of the old paper are worn and more muted. And familiar.

preproduction of paer feathers on Party Playtime from
preproduction of paer feathers on Party Playtime from

This job was a bit tedious but I did find a rhythm and worked in shifts. When my feathers were done, I strung them on bakers twine using an embroidery needle I could almost thread without my glasses.

dining room with paper feather s for Party Playtime on

My color choices was based on the “B” painting, painted by a family friend, that hangs in the dining room now. Red, purple, green, pink, and black and white were the primary colors. And when the balloons and presents came in, it was festive and sweet.

paper feathers for we are contributors and Party Playtime on
feathers curtain and painting for Party Playtime on
feathers curtain and painting for Party Playtime on

Sometimes it’s not the perfection of the craft but the spontaneity and whimsy of the gesture that makes something work. These feathers were rough. Some of the paper was brittle and yet the overall effect was charming. And because they are small, they were very hard to take a good picture of too.

Paper feathers on floral fabric from Party Playtime on

As with Fiona’s Coming Out Party last May, everyone enjoyed themselves, the place looked lovely, and I got to play with flowers. Those pictures are coming plus another project that Eamon helped with.

“And she’ll have fun fun fun til her Daddy takes the T-bird away.”


  1. That’s so sweet, Shalagh! I can’t believe she is one already. What a quick year that was. I bet the party was lovely.

    • Thanks Amy, it was sweet because we had another baby, her cousin and also a miracle baby, here. So the energy was funny. And she had a blast with her cupcake. Those pictures coming soon. And the year that went by quickly for everyone else, went by at regular pace for me. She began walking a little while ago. Ahhhh. She’s moving on so must w all.

    • Thanks and yes it was a quick year for everyone but me. The party posts are still coming.

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