The connections that I have to people really have made a profound difference in how I feel about myself. Whether it’s the random compliment from an online acquaintance that lifts my mood for the day or the interactions I have with the local folks as I go through my daily routine in our small town of Denton, Maryland, I feel good about being me.

As I was trying to work through my thoughts on being creative and making a career that I love, it occurred to me that besides writing, I spend a lot of time on paper crafts. It’s my “thing”. Suddenly I had an excuse to prove my making abilities to myself and strengthen the connections I’ve already made both here and afar. At the same time. I had a birthday card or two to make as well.

Paper crafting in progress on paper connections on

So I conceived of two “projects” to keep me creating and inspired. This one was a card making and snail mailing project to my online friends and connections. And the second part of my Paper Connections two-part blog post will be all about a pre-holiday paper crafting party.  Here’s some of what I took pictures of my cards in process of creation and appreciation before I sent them on their way to their wonderful new owners.

birthday card for paper connections on shalavee-staging-1.local
birthday card for paper connections on shalavee-staging-1.local

And here’s what happened when my fabulous and creative Instagram friends received their cards in their Canadian mailboxes.

cards reatyled from paper connections on shalavee-staging-1.local

Instagram is a very visual realm and so I am always inspired by the art work of these two women and the camaraderie that spills over during visits to each others’ feeds. And especially during theme prompted posting challenges. I have really become fond of these people and I consider them friends truly. So here’s to creation and gratitude and inspiration to continue this creative streak into the New Year and to setting up that Etsy store I keep putting off. Next up is Paper connections : Nearby, a post about my crafty party.

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  1. What a lovely surprise to see this Shalagh! As was the wonderful day your Paper Connection card arrived in my mail box. I adore my George Sand card with your beautiful design of cut-out chairs and papers. I wish you lots of creative time in 2015! (And hopefully I’ll get my snail-mail replies off to you.) I too am so glad for the creative friends Instagram has brought me this year. xo

    1. I wish you the inspiration Dawn that you gave me. Can’t wait to see what you send. And I am equally grateful as this piece is a testament.
      Merry Christmas!

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