Christmas Eve found us at our favorite and nearest Sushi/Thai restaurant in Grasonville, Maryland called Cafe Sado. I love their modern decor and ambiance. Plus no cooking  for Christmas Eve. And an opportunity to get out after three days spent cooped up in the house. Remember the “Now we have only one car” factor.

The kid picked up the calamari with the chopsticks. Both impressive facts. This is also the place where he first discovered dumplings. Had them again.
Later, after a radio broadcast of The Christmas Carol performed by Jonathon Winters, they checked Norad’s Santa tracker to see where in the world Santa was. First it was Spain and then he was in Finland right before bedtime.

Checking Norad’s Santa tracker. Note my laptop/boat anchor behind Mark’s mini.

The moments in the dawning morning, drinking coffee, before the little boy ascends the stairs for the mayhem to begin.

Happy boys and their toys.

And this is me smiling because I got a new laptop. And not too long afterwards, as I sent Christmas greetings to a blogging friend in Ireland, in the middle of writing “lovely holiday”, the L key gave it up.

I began laughing hysterically.

I have yet to set up the new laptop. There’s also a Leapster that requires computer help as well. Meanwhile, I am sticking my finger into the missing keyhole like a  toothless hole in someone’s gums.

It’s all good. As I told the Mister, I had no right to wish for anything this year. As the belly baby does his/her last twitching before the big reveal, I am constantly reminded of what having your wish come true really means.

Happy Holidays Hons!



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    1. Could be cozier if I had a comfortable couch. The key ain’t nothing compared to being housebound because husband commutes to DC and we have one car now while we straighten out that nonsense. Luckily we’re not too close to due date.
      Mucho Appreciado Amy.

  1. Yeah, if it makes you feel any better, my 6 year old Fujitsu is creaking along better than my husband’s 2 year old hp. His laptop has a line down the middle, 3 keys have died so far & now it suddenly dies for no reason. My ancient device, by comparison, is just old and cranky and slow as an old man chewing a sweet. You never can tell.

    1. Slow but reliable. Also a hand-me-down. Computer Dave told the husband people need a new laptop every five years. I’d say especially when you write a blog every three days. I heard what you said about New Year’s resolutions for programmed posting. And I’m thinking with a newborn hitting my doorstep by March, I’ll need to jump on that bandwagon. Here’s to the nontraditional unpredictable girls jumping the tracks. Thanks for showing up Ish.

  2. What a sweet gift! I got a car stereo (it feels so 80s to say that) which automatically synchs with my phone and also includes a camera on the bumper so I can see what the hell I”m backing into on an island with very little street and parking lot lighting.

    Laptops do tend to have a shorter life. Now that I’ve got a good home writing desk thing going on I’ll probably switch to a desktop (maybe even a mac mini) when this puppy dies. But a laptop is so nice so you can write anywhere in the house or even outside if the mood strikes.

    Now I’m craving sushi and thai food but I’m trapped in the office with fruit and yogurt.

    1. Love the car stereo. I enjoy a good ride with new music in my ears. Mini mac annoying for typing, no? And I’m too bothered by aesthetics to want a comp. tower back in the house. Getting hooked up by Computer Dave on Thursday!

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