I officially have a tween. This is the time when the tween’s friends become more important than the family. I totally get it. Eamon has one friend who he likes to talk with on the phone while they simultaneously play a group game on the computer. This annoying new behavior, his video game addiction, and the lying about how much time he’s spent on the computer to get more time, are what make up my son’s concerns now. Not girls though. Small favors.

Our Raging Tween on Shalavee.com


Our Raging Tween on Shalavee.com


Our Raging Tween on Shalavee.com

Surprisingly, I’m not getting a lot of guff from him for maintaining good hygiene. Last week he even said ,”It’s Tuesday so I have to do my laundry.” I think his maturity brain is actually developing and growing along with his height and deepening voice. And that makes me one happy Mommy for Mother’s Day.

Our Raging Tween on Shalavee.com

He was my first-born. The boy who made me a Mom. And the immense responsibility of raising him set me to thinking about myself, prioritizing my mental health and physical well-being in a way I hadn’t ever before. I quit smoking when he was three. I began to truly work on liking myself. I started writing. And 12 years later, I am thankful and thinking that, without him, I wouldn’t be me.

Sure he bullies me for more screen time. Sure he talks incessantly about whatever game he’s obsessing over. And he seems to have the most amazing case of selective hearing I’ve ever known. But he’s a great kid. And we’ve kept him alive long enough to know it’s not a fluke or a streak. Time will show us what kind of job we’ve done. In the meantime, he’s not bad on the eyes and his piano playing is sublime.

Our Raging Tween on Shalavee.com

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  1. This post has me fall in love with your son all over again. admittedly, as easy slide. I am blessed to share a small portion of the journey with you all.

    1. We are equally blessed by your involvement Sue as I am sure it’s shaped a part of who he is that we all know and love. My kids are in line behind David L. for wanting you to be their Mom “if something happened”.

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