This whole blogging thing has made me appreciate the use of this daggone computer, social media in general, and the undeniable necessity of pictures.

They show and tell all at once. While the baby was teeny and I was still feeding her on my lap like a kitten while I worked at the desk, I chose a Sunday and put together a Pinterest page for Mark’s company. There’s the hotlink or use the address, , or search for oym lighting on Pinterest..

I am extremely happy with the result and I think this product makes everything look so nice without too much effort. Visit his site and then jump over to my Pinterest page here for more pretty pictures. Supposedly I have 1,655 pins. Wow. Although On Your Mark’s has about 20, all boards but one, ‘possible designs for the future’, are his work.

This gallery of thumbnails are some of the pictures you’ll find on OYM’s Pinterest page. See anything you like? If you live on the Eastern Shore, he’s local so there’s no delivery fees. And he’s willing to work with you on the look you want within the budget you have. And your event will look as good as these pictures if not better.

Oh and Mr. Mark’s birthday is today. I wish you could wish him a happy birthday but he’s a shy guy online.

My gift to him is to support his company. He supports me through his company, see? When I opened my shop, he footed the bill. Least I can do.

Next up in the month of pretty pictures, 31 flavors of me continues. Photo collages from my past reappear. The visual me is coming out of the closet.

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