I fell down a cyber hole the other day and landed on an article written by a gentleman named Paul Jarvis, about how you can become a thought leader by just declaring yourself one. If you say you are, you are. Those who say it better can charge more. I was a little like “Well Yeah” and a little like “Oh No”. Because I’ve been thinking that I might actually consider myself a thought leader one day if I ever wrangled my thoughts in a comprehensive way to put them out there for people.

On Thought Leadership and Cyber Love on Shalavee.com

I detest how the charm of the internet also seems so littered and corrupted by all the greed and need. People need you to buy what they’re selling and what they’re saying. And a part of me thinks that these types are ruining it for all us nice people out here.

But then I’m reminded that me and my nice friends are still hanging out on our media channels and we have honor and integrity. We’re feeling supported and not pressured by our connections thus proving that the internet can actually be a very supportive and lovely place if used correctly.

On Thought Leadership and Cyber Love on Shalavee.com

I believe that we’ve always been a society of egomaniacs. We aren’t so certain of what we are so that when we hear differing opinions than ours, we assume we’ve been affronted, even if we’ve not even been addressed. In the old days, our mothers would warn us to be polite even when we heard things we didn’t like. We would at least need to act respectfully in public for goodness sakes. But the online format has given people permission to forget what their mothers would have told them to not do.

And so a climate of intolerance is unchecked and is growing. Where differing opinions used to be and still need to be respected to allow for humanity’s growth, we are now seeing more and more intolerance. I believe it’s just a fear shadow and I am compassionate for the pain of so many feeling this.

The opposite of fear is love. So love the heck out of you and everyone you meet today and see what happens. Surprise them and themselves.

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