I was talking on the phone with my husband. He said, “Did you call the gas company?” at the exact same time the gas company truck was driving by my window at 40 miles per hour. I laughed, told him what had just happened, and wondered out loud how often the Universe is trying to let you know stuff that you just aren’t paying attention enough to understand.

Gratitude isn’t just for the now,

it’s for all the stuff that didn’t but could have happened.

I can tell you I’m profoundly grateful for the support I received from my community when the chips were down a couple of weeks ago and my blog blew up. For Danielle fixing my site when it got eaten by a Viagra ad. For my friends showing up to celebrate my birthday. For all the birthday wishes I received from all the people online and off! And for my children for being sweet and healthy and creative.

But I’m also grateful for just being here. For not having been taken out of this beautiful world by any of the people I made bad choices with or by the drugs I took. Grateful I am healing from my traumatic childhood and am lucky enough to have a therapist who gets me. For the food in my fridge all of which I didn’t grow or pay for. And for the ability to post words I want to say unedited out into the inter-webs.

Thank you life.

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